our vision

Patients in our region have access to quality primary health care within their community and that our Team contributes to the creation of a healthier Lakelands community.



Our values

We recognize the dignity and worth of all people.

Equal rights and opportunities
We commit to fairness and integrity in decision making.

freedom of expression
We value the respectful expression of divergent opinions.

We ensure a workplace culture that values the principles inherent in the Human Rights Code.

The foundation of our strength and service delivery is teamwork. We value the contribution of all members of the team.

We promote an environment that stimulates creativity and innovation.

We commit to the highest standard of professional conduct and to ongoing professional growth and development.

community outreach
We recognize our responsibility to contribute to our community.

Customer service
We commit to the highest standard of customer service.

Health and Safety
We commit to upholding our obligations under the Occupational Health and Safety Act.

Environmentally friendly
We commit to environmentally responsible practices.

work/life balance
We encourage employees to make healthy lifestyle choices that promote balance in their work and personal lives.


Our mission

  1. Become a practice of choice for new primary care practicitioners
  2. To be an employer of choice for alternative health care providers.
  3. To provide in two locations (Northbrook & Denbigh) to ensure primary care services are accessible so that we can enrol and serve more unattached patients.
  4. To provide chronic disease management programs to the right people, at the right time in their lives, in a location, form and format that is both accessible and successful.
  5. To constantly improve our programs and programming to meet the evolving needs of our community.
  6. To provide a safe, enriching and positive working environment for all staff, nurses, allied health professionals, physicians and learners which promotes and supports growth in our professions.



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