Becoming a Patient

  • Lakelands Family Health Team is not accepting new patients at either Denbigh or Northbrook at this time.

If you are in the Denbigh area, please call (613) 333-1333 and if in the Northbrook area, call (613) 336-8888.



Due to the unsecure nature of e-mail communications, we do not wish to use e-mail as a means of communication with the public or patients.

(i) regarding questions or issues of a medical nature;

(ii) to establish physician/patient relationships;

(iii) to book or cancel appointments; or

(iv) for inquiries regarding fees, services or similar matters.


E-mail communications regarding such matters will not be responded to and will be discarded unread.

If you wish to contact us regarding medical questions or issues or with regard to appointments, accounts or other questions please do so by telephone, fax or regular mail in the manner set out in this web site.


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